Michael Valentine Michael Valentine – Principal

Michael Valentine has extensive project management experience in the information systems and financial service industries. Before beginning his construction career, he was Director of New Product Development for a McDonnell Douglas-International Thompson joint venture, where he managed a group of professionals who designed, created and marketed computer programs and databases for the municipal and mortgage-backed bond industries. Michael has taken his extensive project management experience and applied it successfully to the construction industry. He has worked on a wide range of commercial and residential projects—from large data centers and telecom switch sites to luxury apartments. Michael holds a Bachelor of Arts in Economics, an MBA in Telecommunications Management, and a JD in Law, all from Fordham University. Michael also possesses a New York State Real Estate Brokers License.

Michael’s Commercial and Residential Projects


25,000 SF office refurbishment to facilitate the move from emergency locations to more permanent facilities after the September 11th attacks.
9,500 SF data center with UPS system, full generator set, raised floor environment, and remote reporting of all critical systems to DLJ headquarters in New York, completed on fast-track schedule.
12,000 SF stand alone expansion of an existing switch site. Project included backup generator, DC battery plant, supplemental and backup HVAC, ATS, UPS, NTN room, and administrative support area.
Logistically complex 21,000 SF office space and data center in fully occupied building, including electrical plant with UPS and remote generator located more than five hundred feet from operating space, pre-action fire suppression system and raised floor environment, and rooftop HVAC units that had to be placed by helicopter.
9,000 SF data center for wholly-owned subsidiary of Reuters Market Data Network, with power plant, UPS system, tie-in to remote generator, and gaseous fire suppression system.
Multiple office renovations at 590 Madison Avenue including a 14,000 SF gut renovation of a mortgage trading facility and offices – including tapping into backup generator, ATS, HVAC, and fire suppression systems, coordination with telecom and data providers.
10,000 SF corporate office renovation conducted in phases: prior and post move-in date.
Multiple base building infrastructure projects at the landmarked residential hotel involving concealment of new infrastructure behind historic finishes and subsequent restoration of surfaces. Infrastructure improvements included risers for the backup emergency generator power, new water risers, and lobby restorations. This work impacted interfacing with virtually every tenant in the building and keeping all residents complacent during what would be considered disruptive improvements to the common areas of the building.
8,000 SF design-build Regional Data Center/Cable Head-End Facility complete with diverse power and cable feeds, EPS/Generator systems, UPS power and distribution, and sales office component.
Installation of base building emergency generator, ATS system, electrical risers, and elevator controls.
14,000 SF switch site environment that included electrical plant, rectifiers, fully functional battery and generator back-up system, HVAC system with rooftop units, data center, and pre-action fire suppression system.
5,000 SF telecommunications hub site refurbishment including upgrading DC power plant and HVAC systems.
3,000 SF telecommunications hub site build, which included planning and installation of fiber optic feeds, and coordinating with local municipalities and agencies. The project included the creation of office space, furnishing and installing a new diesel-powered emergency generator, installation of HVAC equipment and a pre-action fire suppression system.
5,000 SF of telecom switching environment and 8,000 SF of sales and administrative area. The critical component of the work included site analysis, utility upgrades, diverse power and fiber feeds, EPS/generator systems, UPS systems, and a DC power and distribution plant.



Complete gut renovation of a private residence at The Ritz Tower involved duplicating all design elements and finishes of the owner’s former residence. Working with interior designer Chubby Spector, we successfully duplicated everything. The project involved structural steel work for new bathrooms, extensive marble and stone work, and a full complement of finish trades.
9,500 SF luxury residence renovation including electric, HVAC, custom millwork, custom glasswork, and custom wall coverings.
5,000 SF gut renovation of a luxury high rise apartment including HVAC systems, plumbing, electric, custom millwork, custom glass, sound proofing of walls and floors, custom paints, and design and installation of a staircase.